To ensure a smooth production process, please take a moment to make sure your artwork meets the required guidelines described below. If you have any questions about the specifications, please email for additional assistance.

Large format digital printing is much different from traditional offset printing and requires specialized file construction. These simple guidelines are provided to assist you in producing graphic files that optimize the large format printing process and ensure your graphics are printed quickly and accurately. Adhering to these standards will save time and minimize file manipulation charges.

Accepted File Types

PDF is the preferred file type. Export or save as ‘High Quality Print’ You may leave the ‘editable by Photoshop or Illustrator’ box checked but it will make the pdf file larger.
Other file types may be used, please contact us before uploading.
NOTE: If you are submitting art to be screenprinted (i.e. table drape) or for cut vinyl, we will need editable vector based art for those.

Design Tips
Artwork should be submitted at 100% scale at 100dpi resolution. You may vary the size as long as the resolution is adjusted accordingly i.e. 50% scale at 200dpi resolution. In any case, the artwork must remain proportional to the final graphic dimensions, otherwise undesirable distortion may occur. Your exhibit consultant will provide the dimensions for your graphics.
Should be created in RGB mode using the Adobe 1998 color profile.
Text should be converted to outlines or rasterized prior to submission. If there is a possibility that we will need to make a text change for you, we will need the font supplied also.
Do not set up crop marks. We will apply them as needed when setting up the file for printing.
Bleeds – Inkjet graphics require 1/2” bleed on all four sides. If the art is to be produced as a dyesub graphic, 2” of bleed on all four sides will be required.
If certain PMS colors need to be matched please let us know. Due to the nature of digital printing the actual color produced will be between the PMS Spot color and the CMYK simulation. Keep in mind that we print on a variety of substrates that can have an affect on the final color. Adjustments can be addressed during the proofing process.
Build files for multi-panel pop-up display murals as one image. Exhibitwise will split the image into individual panels. Please be aware of panel breaks and try to minimize the amount of text that crosses the panels.
Artwork must be proportional to the final graphic dimensions.
Color matching may be accomplished using either the Pantone Matching System (PMS) or by matching to an existing piece of art supplied to us. Although this is not an exact science, we match as closely as possible before going final.

Options for submitting Artwork
It is highly desirable that you submit a hardcopy proof or PDF proof for reference purposes.
E-mail – If the total size is less than 10MB, you may email the file to
FTP – Our local ftp site is
Username is ‘exhibitwise’ and password is ‘upload’. Anonymous logins are not allowed.
Snail Mail/Express Mail – You may send a CD or DVD disk to Exhibitwise, ATTN: Graphics, 5172 Brook Hollow Pkwy, Suite E, Norcross, Georgia 30071.

When we receive artwork we will give the file a ‘once-over’ to make sure it conforms to the above requirements. If it fails to meet any of the requirements, we will let you know so that you may submit revised artwork or have us correct the issue.
Email proof – No charge
Printed proof - $25.00 each plus applicable courier/shipping charges. Proofs will be produced on the same material as your final graphic. Proofs will not be laminated but the final graphic will be, if applicable.

Call 770-448-9511 or email